360 Lace Frontal Wig Loose Curly Wave for Black Women Pre Plucked with Baby Hair

This lace wigs is amazing and arrived exactly as advertised. The color was Natural (between #1B and #2), curl pattern was deep wave, hair was soft and untangled, and most important (for me) there was no corn chip/sweaty feet smell!! The wig is human hair and can be died see pictures. To be clear, the wig is NOT 100% full lace.

The lace (with hand tied hair) is in the front of the wig… approximately 6″ deep and along the sides and back of the wig… approximately 2.5″-3″ deep and the rest/bulk of the wig has thin tracks sewn on the lace cap. You can wear this wig up without fear of seeing tracks. This lace front wig comes with combs and a fastening/tightening strap. It can be secured with the combs/strap (glueless) or with glue/tape strips. The lace is light brow and soft.

This lace wigs does not come with a silk top, but it is pre-plucked and the knots are bleached. The density is between 150% and 180% and based on my experience… And I buy a lot of wigs. The professional dye color in my picture is #30.

I was a huge fan of full lace wigs but decided to give this a try because I was tired of the full lace wigs thinning and balding excessively. Hair on tracks is almost always more secure than hair hand tied to lace. I’m looking forward to getting the best of both worlds.

There is a reason for hair loss in summer

Reason 1: eat too much cold drink

If you eat too much cold drink in the summer, like ice cream, it will cause the hair follicle to contract suddenly. This is very detrimental to hair follicles that require a lot of sweat and heat during the summer. For girls who like cold drinks, this is often overlooked. One of the important reasons to fall in love in summer.
Countermeasure: one of the ways to keep your hair in the summer is not to eat too much cold drink, you can drink some boiling water.

Reason 2: sun exposure

Falling in love in the summer is closely related to environmental factors. In the summer, the sun is strong and ultraviolet rays shine directly on the hair. The thermal radiation can cause a strong irritation in the skin of the head, causing damage to the hair. Therefore, in the summer, you should protect your hair from the sun and your skin.
Countermeasures: in summer, protect the sun from direct sunlight and less sun. When leaving, it is best to use a sun hat or an umbrella.

Reason 3: air conditioning, cold and hot air.

More and more people in modern times have lost their hair. In addition to common causes, such as staying awake late, irregular living and work stress, air conditioning in cold air can also be one of the causes of hair loss. In the long cold air environment of summer, the hair water will be gradually discharged, which will cause the hair to dry and become brittle, which will cause hair loss problems.
Countermeasures: try to avoid staying in the room with air conditioning for a long time, avoid excessive temperature difference and strengthen the moisturizing care for the scalp and hair.

Reason 4: pool bleach

Summer swimming is the most popular sport, but the chloride in the pool water can also damage the hair, causing the hair to dry and break.
Countermeasures: always wear a swimming cap when swimming and reinforce hair maintenance after swimming.

Reason 5: Insufficient protein supply.

Protein is essential for hair production and nutrition. It is usually rich in meat. However, due to the warm summer weather, people prefer light foods and meat consumption is relatively low, which is especially obvious for women. If the body’s supply of protein is insufficient, the hair can easily fall off.
Countermeasure: in the summer, you should pay attention to protein intake, eat more iron, calcium, vitamin A and other foods that nourish the hair, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, beans and soy products, sesame, etc. . .

Reason 6: frequent inflammation.

If folliculitis, jaundice or other sputum, sputum, etc. occur On the scalp, the base of the hair is unstable and it is easy to drop the hair. In summer, the climate is warm, the body is prone to sweating, more dust, the rapid proliferation of bacteria and hair cleaning work is difficult to complete. Once the skin disease occurs in the head, serious symptoms may appear.
Countermeasure: in the summer, you should pay attention to cleaning your hair and wash it frequently. When you wash your hair, you can rub your scalp with your fingers. This can promote blood circulation in the head and protect your hair, but you can not scratch the scalp with your nails.

Five bad shampoo habits

Bad habit of shampoo 1: shampoo applied directly to the head
Doing so will loosen the hair roots for a long time and may cause abnormal hair loss. Before washing with shampoo, you should use a comb to comb, rinse with water to remove dust and dandruff, then pour the shampoo on your hands, add water to remove the foam and then apply it to the hair.

Bad habit of shampoo 2: first shampoo hair care
Many people use shampoo and conditioner after shampooing, but if the hair is dry, apply a little conditioner, rinse and then use shampoo to help protect the stratum corneum and prevent cracking. It should be noted that the shampoo still needs to use the conditioner once. Do not dry your hair before applying the conditioner. After washing your hair, you should dry it with a towel and apply a conditioner. Otherwise, the moisture will affect the absorption of the conditioner and weaken its effect.

Bad habit of shampoo 3: Conditioner applied to the scalp.
The hair conditioner is different from the shampoo. It’s just for the hair. If applied to the scalp, once it remains, it will easily block the hair follicle and cause hair loss. Pay attention to at least 1-2 cm away from the hair root when applying conditioner.

Bad habit of shampoo 4: the hair conditioner does not wash off over time
Many people think that the longer the conditioner stays on the hair, the better the effect will be. In fact, the long-term application will not improve the absorption of the conditioner, but will cause the conditioner to adhere to the hair, which will easily damage the hair’s keratin during washing. Layers, even causing hair loss. It is recommended that the conditioner is not applied for more than 10 minutes.

Nursing scalp starts with massage

The head collects the fifth house and the central nervous system. Often, combing the hair, strengthening the friction of the scalp can bleed the blood, improve the blood circulation of the head, so that the hair is nurtured, the hair can be black, the root of the hair is firm and the loss is avoided of hair. But the hair should not be too tight.

For example, the common ponytail can not be too tight, otherwise, the scalp will become too tight to restrict blood flow and will easily cause the hair to fall prematurely. The common comb that gently combs the hair can also directly promote the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulate the production of sebum and make the hair look shiny and shiny. In addition, combing the hair not only removes dry dandruff, but also removes the snowflake along with the dust and some residues of the hair sprayed on the hair.

In general, if you are a greasy hair, the strength of the massage should be gentle. If the hair is dry, the massage should be more powerful to stimulate the glands and secrete oil. To make the massage effect good, you can use your fingers to gently massage (circular movements) from the back of the neck to the forehead and then cross the hairline, massaging at least once or twice a week.

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Women always want to have perfect hair. You can use a person’s wig because you have many reasons, like having short hair, you feel uncomfortable, you want to change, hide baldness, some medical reasons, cause hair loss, because you want to give a different look to your current hairstyle. You can also save money and access different hairstyles in the room.

The human wigs come in different colors, lengths, textures and styles. There are many types of wigs; The front lace is the most popular among women. When you buy your own artificial wig, be sure to read the instructions for use and care. If you use it with care, it can last more than a year. Regular cleaning of the wig is important to minimize the risk of natural hair damage and the wig will last longer.

The lace front wigs can be used without the help of a professional hair. They give your hair a natural look and make you work well with your friends. You should wear a wig that gives it a natural look, otherwise it will make you look like a clown. Many celebrities wear lace front wigs, and every time they appear in a live performance, they can see different styles of hairstyles.

There are usually two ways to apply your wig. One method is to use a liquid binder. These adhesives can be used with wigs. To apply the wig in this way, the counterfeit is dispensed at the top of the head, the actual hair is cut at the back, a thin layer of adhesive is applied to the front cord and the front wig is pressed. Carefully apply the adhesive on the edges, away from the real hair, and then press on the head.

Another method is to use double-sided tape. The tap is usually a 3-inch strip depending on the size you want to put on your head. Also place the tape on the edge and press the wig. Always place it in front of the mirror and remove it to avoid an unnatural appearance and damage the natural hair.

If you use high quality adhesive and tape, the front lace wigs can be used for a long time, but the main disadvantage of these wigs is that they are very expensive. The cost of a wig depends mainly on the quality, and the wig of the highest quality has a natural look and can be worn for long periods of time, which is often expensive compared to conventional human wigs.

Human Hair Wigs Versus Synthetic Wigs – What Is Right For Me?

What is the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic fiber wig

Human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs have many advantages and disadvantages. In the past, human hair wigs have been considered as quality products and still have several advantages over synthetic fibers. However, with advances in fiber technology, some of the new fibers available provide a more affordable and realistic alternative to increasingly expensive human hair wigs.

Human hair


They are very versatile because they can be heated, such as hair dryers and hair straighteners, which gives you more flexibility to change the look of your wigs. It can also be dyed or has a high gloss / foil through it, although this requires care and is generally recommended by experienced professionals.
The natural softness of the hair provides a more realistic look and feel. Natural hair also moves like your own hair when affected by head or wind movements. It also does not have as much brightness as some cheaper synthetic materials.
With proper care and attention, they can last longer than most synthetic fiber wigs; some carriers report that even if they wear a wig every day, their wigs require more care for more than a year.


It requires a more careful maintenance of the wig compared to synthetic wigs because the hair can be dried and the use of heat during combing also means that more care is needed to keep the hair in good condition. They are also more susceptible to breakage when brushing, so they may require some maintenance on the part of the wig maker, which increases the total cost of the wig.
These wigs are not like their style and composition, so they need more style. If you need style with some waves or curls, you may have to curl the hair after washing because the curling is not permanent.

Synthetic hair


Synthetic wigs are more affordable because fibers are easier to produce than high quality human hair and, therefore, are easier to obtain and cheaper.
Advances in fiber technology mean that synthetic materials look almost natural and it is often difficult to discern differences without carefully examining the wig.
The less maintenance they require, the synthetic wigs are more attractive to people who are overwhelmed by medical conditions because they are often busy with treatment or recovery of treatment to find the time it takes to take care of a person’s wig. Synthetic materials offer the comfort of “wear and tear” and generally only require a soft hairstyle after washing or between uses.
The synthetic material is not affected by wet or dry conditions. Individual fibers can also be stronger than human hair.


Excessive heat can damage synthetic fibers, so you can limit the amount of synthetic wigs. Basically, any material that produces more than 60 ° C will damage the fiber.
Synthetic fibers are more prone to use during use and should be replaced more frequently, usually between 4 and 6 months, while human hair wigs are from 9 to 12 months.


Conclusion Both human hair and synthetic fiber wigs have advantages and disadvantages. Then, it really depends on your individual needs and the aspect you want to achieve, and is ready to take care of the wigs and budget time.

The Precautions of Wearing Wigs

The use of wigs generally does not cause allergies, but it is better that people with more sensitive bodies do not use them. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If a person with a skin disease such as dermatitis or eczema wears a wig, it can aggravate the condition and wait until the skin disease is completely good. In addition, the summer weather is hot, the use of a wig is not good for perspiration, so the user must choose a wig of good quality when choosing a wig, preferably with a breathable mesh, and should not be worn during long time.

How do women use wigs in a natural and beautiful way? First, you should cover your hair with a cap so that your hair is not exposed, especially the fringe. If you wear a wig, pay attention to the color and color of your own hair, do not get out of touch.

The wigs should be used to comb the hair that adheres to the wig and should be cleaned regularly. After wiping the wig, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a blow dryer or place it on the stand to dry naturally. Not only will this help health, it will also extend the life of the wig.

Keep the wigs clean and place them on the stand to prevent them from bending.