Five bad shampoo habits

Bad habit of shampoo 1: shampoo applied directly to the head
Doing so will loosen the hair roots for a long time and may cause abnormal hair loss. Before washing with shampoo, you should use a comb to comb, rinse with water to remove dust and dandruff, then pour the shampoo on your hands, add water to remove the foam and then apply it to the hair.

Bad habit of shampoo 2: first shampoo hair care
Many people use shampoo and conditioner after shampooing, but if the hair is dry, apply a little conditioner, rinse and then use shampoo to help protect the stratum corneum and prevent cracking. It should be noted that the shampoo still needs to use the conditioner once. Do not dry your hair before applying the conditioner. After washing your hair, you should dry it with a towel and apply a conditioner. Otherwise, the moisture will affect the absorption of the conditioner and weaken its effect.

Bad habit of shampoo 3: Conditioner applied to the scalp.
The hair conditioner is different from the shampoo. It’s just for the hair. If applied to the scalp, once it remains, it will easily block the hair follicle and cause hair loss. Pay attention to at least 1-2 cm away from the hair root when applying conditioner.

Bad habit of shampoo 4: the hair conditioner does not wash off over time
Many people think that the longer the conditioner stays on the hair, the better the effect will be. In fact, the long-term application will not improve the absorption of the conditioner, but will cause the conditioner to adhere to the hair, which will easily damage the hair’s keratin during washing. Layers, even causing hair loss. It is recommended that the conditioner is not applied for more than 10 minutes.