There is a reason for hair loss in summer

Reason 1: eat too much cold drink

If you eat too much cold drink in the summer, like ice cream, it will cause the hair follicle to contract suddenly. This is very detrimental to hair follicles that require a lot of sweat and heat during the summer. For girls who like cold drinks, this is often overlooked. One of the important reasons to fall in love in summer.
Countermeasure: one of the ways to keep your hair in the summer is not to eat too much cold drink, you can drink some boiling water.

Reason 2: sun exposure

Falling in love in the summer is closely related to environmental factors. In the summer, the sun is strong and ultraviolet rays shine directly on the hair. The thermal radiation can cause a strong irritation in the skin of the head, causing damage to the hair. Therefore, in the summer, you should protect your hair from the sun and your skin.
Countermeasures: in summer, protect the sun from direct sunlight and less sun. When leaving, it is best to use a sun hat or an umbrella.

Reason 3: air conditioning, cold and hot air.

More and more people in modern times have lost their hair. In addition to common causes, such as staying awake late, irregular living and work stress, air conditioning in cold air can also be one of the causes of hair loss. In the long cold air environment of summer, the hair water will be gradually discharged, which will cause the hair to dry and become brittle, which will cause hair loss problems.
Countermeasures: try to avoid staying in the room with air conditioning for a long time, avoid excessive temperature difference and strengthen the moisturizing care for the scalp and hair.

Reason 4: pool bleach

Summer swimming is the most popular sport, but the chloride in the pool water can also damage the hair, causing the hair to dry and break.
Countermeasures: always wear a swimming cap when swimming and reinforce hair maintenance after swimming.

Reason 5: Insufficient protein supply.

Protein is essential for hair production and nutrition. It is usually rich in meat. However, due to the warm summer weather, people prefer light foods and meat consumption is relatively low, which is especially obvious for women. If the body’s supply of protein is insufficient, the hair can easily fall off.
Countermeasure: in the summer, you should pay attention to protein intake, eat more iron, calcium, vitamin A and other foods that nourish the hair, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, beans and soy products, sesame, etc. . .

Reason 6: frequent inflammation.

If folliculitis, jaundice or other sputum, sputum, etc. occur On the scalp, the base of the hair is unstable and it is easy to drop the hair. In summer, the climate is warm, the body is prone to sweating, more dust, the rapid proliferation of bacteria and hair cleaning work is difficult to complete. Once the skin disease occurs in the head, serious symptoms may appear.
Countermeasure: in the summer, you should pay attention to cleaning your hair and wash it frequently. When you wash your hair, you can rub your scalp with your fingers. This can promote blood circulation in the head and protect your hair, but you can not scratch the scalp with your nails.